Old Time Photos and Brown County Weddings at Nashville Image in Nashville, Indiana.

A Nashville Tradition of Time-Travel Portraits And Old Time Brown County Weddings!

Some portraits may also appear on other pages from time to time.

“Fun! The costumes are authentic and it was such fun to reveal our real characters.

It made our trip to Nashville even more special.”          The Cousins Gang

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“Your frames are fantastic!

I use to bring portraits home and put them in a box and there they’d stay.

These are truly shareable heirlooms!”  

 Roxanne & Kara   Fort Myers, FL and Camby, IN



Starting October 21

The Surprise Marriage Proposal

“I want to say a big Thank you! You made our day wonderful. The pictures are amazing. Your ceremony makes the day amazing, memorable and really captures the love we have for each other.

The way you made the children a part of the wedding was beyond remarkable. You are amazing at what you do and I can tell you love what you do and it truly shows in the care you put into the ceremony!

I will recommend you to everyone!”   Niki & Randy from Indiana



November 4


Starting December 2

Flapper Civil War Mekanism Thank you  to our Nashville Image time travelers for giving us permission to show off some of their “Instant Ancestor” portraits.