Authentic prop rifle used in the movie Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Authentic Movie Props For Sale!

All movie props come with a copy of the original Certificate of Authenticity.

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As with most movie rifles, this is an exact reproduction. It was created with the movie standard special industrial resin specifically to hold up to heavy duty use in action movies. The military rifle sling is top quality leather and adjustable. *It is non-firing and can not be made to fire as per law.

Radiant Wisdom Tarot is a 92 card tarot deck and 212 page guide book created on the foundation of ancestral wisdom's from our many cultures.

It presents a multicultural, celebratory, practical, and spiritual approach to life.

Unlike many other tarot decks, Radiant Wisdom Tarot energizes the future with assurance that all experiences can be lived in beauty and harmony and shows the actions needed to achieve your goals with perfect timing.

Radiant Wisdom Tarot

Available at Nashville Image, E-Bay, Amazon, and direct from the website

Native American Flutes

   We have a few select NA Flutes available for sale at Nashville Image.

   All flutes have been personally selected by Suzanne from Native American and Native American style flute makers throughout the United States for their pure tones, quality tuning, beautiful and unique designs.

   Some of the flute creators: Littleleaf, Laughing Crow, Spina, Bianco, LittleJohn, Tsunami, Martinez, and Haines.

You can expect to invest $120 to $3,000

E-mail Suzanne for more details and to reserve your special viewing/playing time

Native American Flute Music

Flute Flying

1. Entering Sacred Space

2. The Forest Path

3. Journey to Truth

4. Beauty in the Dark

5. Sunstones and Crystals

6. Elders Talking

7. Light in the Summer Sky

8. The Journey Continues

9. The Answer

10. Dreamtime Owl

11. Collecting Your Gifts

12. Blessings On Your Journey

Total Time: 54 minutes

$15.00 + $2.50 Shipping

Suzanne’s Native American Flute music is at the beginning and end of this video.

Native American Flutes and Music For Sale!

Only ONE Available!


Includes COA and insured  shipping within continental

US address. Shipping costs to other locations additional.

Native American Flute Music by Suzanne Kammerer

Entering Sacred Space is track 1 on Flute Flying.

Only 3 Available!

$125. each



Now Available!

Coin used in “Gangs of New York”

NOTE: May or may not be this very coin.


For One Coin. Includes copy of COA issued by Miramax Films & Premiere Props!



NOTE: It was believed that only 50 of the Original U.S. Coins were minted until the shipwrecks were discovered.

1864 22K gold plated exact replicas that were actually used in the movie Sahara! (towards end of movie)