I Don’t Like Having My Picture Taken

Does this statement describe you or anyone in your circle of friends and family? Do you like everyone else in photos except yourself? Portraits of yourself are not for you, they are for others in your life to enjoy and remember moments of connection with you.

Here’s part of a story that was in the news today:

Jennifer Colandrea of Beacon, N.Y., complained to the Federal Communication Commission after she lost more than a half dozen voice mails from her dead mother while inquiring about a change to her Verizon plan. Those included a message congratulating her daughter on giving birth to a baby girl and some funny messages she had saved for more than four years for sentimental reasons.

“She did not like being videotaped. She did not like being photographed,” Colandrea said of her mother. “I have very little to hold onto.


My own mother passed in 1983. She took me to studios to have my portraits made starting when I was 2 years old. Do you think I have any photos of her during those times? She was a beautiful woman and yet did not want her picture to be taken and so I only have a few snap shots of her and one professional portrait when she was 12.

Portraits of you are how you are seen by others. Please let go of any judgements of how you may appear to yourself.

What are you smiling about right now?