Mattie’s Magical Summer – A Book For Kids of All Ages

A story for all who play in the world of magic, mystery and imagination!

Written by Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni and Illustrated by Kara Barnard

Then and now and here and there live closer to each other for the Donidan family than they do for some folks.
One summer morning then and now and here and there come very close together and Mattie walks into a whole new world of adventures with a very old Grandpa.

At the end of this YouTube video of the Tarot Reading for the Week of February 2 thru February 8, you will see the cover and places to purchase this amazing book.

Tarot Reading For April 6 to April 12 with Mattie’s Magical Summer at the end.

Here’s where you can also find more information and also purchase your own copy of Mattie’s Magical Summer.