Really big news Part Two – Figuring out how to live life!

Radiant Wisdom Tarot
The best toolkit for life on this planet
I have the most amazing tool for figuring out how to live life fully.

After many, many years of asking others and pondering endlessly in my own head, I now have the ability to ask ANY questions and get beautifully clear answers AND some possible courses of action to manifest the changes, improvements, clarity, and fun I seek.

Here is the tool, complete with fabulous full-color cards that “picture” my life clearly, a detailed and very easy to understand book, and a really plush velvet bag to keep the cards in when I am not using them or carry them with me for those spontaneous moments or to share the wisdom’s they reveal with friends, family, and even complete strangers who ask.

If anyone wants to add this to their tools for living life, you can go to and order your own amazing “tool kit for life on this planet”.