My WebSite loads fast

Many have commented on how fast my website loads at

I have had many requests for who I use for this fantastic hosting and so I contacted HostGator and they gave me these special codes.

If you use one, you will get the discounts I have listed beside each code for your own super fast hosting account. I have used HostGator for years and have been totally thrilled with the 99.999% uptime and absolutely fantastic customer service with questions (even my elementary ones as a newbie).

Here are my discount codes:

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Really big news Part One

I have a couple of really big news items to share.
One is that the Brown County Almanac is doing a story on Weddings in Brown County Indiana and Nashville Image and my wedding ministry is going to a part of the article.
It is wonderful to be seen!
Of course, I love my Wedding couples and am always so honored to have been a part of their commitment to creating their loving relationships for life. It is also an honor to be able to use my 40 years of professional photography to create some photographic memories they will treasure for all time as well as their generations to come.
What is the second big news, you ask? It may seem like trickery but I am so excited about it I just had to mention it existed because I can’t tell you more about “it” yet…right timing is so important AND FUN!
Check back in a couple weeks and I will have Part Two with the details, website, and pics.
Have a great life…I am.