Review of Lowepro Exchange Messenger Bag

I have now used this daily for 2 months and it has become my all time favorite bag for carrying everything I need for back and forth to the studio and out and about essentials as well.

This bag holds a LOT of stuff and I use it to carry a little digital Canon S95 for spontaneous grab shots, wallet, appointment calendar, pens, cell phone, e-cig supplies, business cards, cheater reading glasses, and even a small stainless coffee thermos.

Using the two dividers it comes with, I have the main bag divided in 3 sections. One holds thermos, center holds camera which is in another little Lowepro Rezo 50 with extra batts/memory cards. The 3rd section is for a variety of smaller accessories i.e. pocket calendar, wallet.

Then there are the 3 additional pockets on the front (one even zippered) that make it so easy to have instant access to a variety of small things without digging in the main compartment. This is very handy for cellphone, glasses, pens, business cards, e-cig.

While this is the usual Lowepro durable quality, there is one issue that I have solved AND could have been addressed in the original functional design of this messenger bag…it is too bottom saggy. Left as it was originally designed meant that everyting just kind of lumped together at the bottom of the main compartments even with the dividers.

I easily solved this by taking a divider from another bag, it already had velcro along the full length of each side, and put it in the bottom of my center division with it’s velcro attached to the strips already inside the messanger bag. This has perfectly provided just enough firmness that the bag sits nicely, holds it’s shape, keeps everything well protected, and maintains the super lightweight requirement for a bag I carry daily.

This bag is now fully functional for me, looks great, carries a lot of stuff, can carry lots more as needed from time to time, AND is very comfortable to wear for hours.
I even tossed my regular Canon in my center divided space for a special just-in-case event and it was fine.

I like having a bag that is versatile, doesn’t cry out “I’m a pro photog”, and is durable and comfortable. This bag does it for me.