Birth Control and The Church

I realize that health insurance is a very big expense for businesses. It is even more of an expense for all of us that are self-employed.
The question of whether a Church Institution should be required to have birth-control offered in their insurance coverage for their employees seems like an issue about the quality of respect they have for their employees health choices.
Logic dictates that just because something is covered by health insurance does not mean EVERYONE is going to use all the coverages available.
The argument that The Church is against birth control and therefore should not have to provide that as an insurance option is ridiculous as many other coverages that go against the doctrines of their faith have been covered for years…heart attacks from gluttony, emphysema from smoking, cirrhosis of the liver from drinking, and the ever popular “burning in hell” theory. (OK, maybe the last one isn’t covered by insurance).
Employees get paid to do their jobs and part of that pay is some sort of health assurance and insurance to compensate for the stress, demands, wear-n-tear etc. put on them by the work.