My list of 8 signals it was time to retire.

I am retiring from one aspect of what I have enjoyed doing, creating, and playing with for 45+ years.

How did I know it was time?

1. When I found myself lacking enthusiasm for the next “work day”.
2. When the effort to physically do the work with ease became a challenge rather than a delightful journey.
3. When I found myself not enjoying answering a question for the thousandth time even though it was the first time for the questioner.
4. When the list of things I wanted to do all included the requirement of “uninterrupted by having to stop and go to work”.
5. When I reached the point that I wanted each and every day filled with that magical flow of synchronicity.
6. When I was willing to let go of relationships based solely on money.
7. When the activities I wanted most to participate in were consistently on “work days”.
8. When I realized that the relationships of family and friends that I value so highly and love so deeply were being stifled and relegated to remain “round tuits”.

When are you retiring?

Nashville Image Photo Studio For Sale
Photo by Michaela Owens

10 Minute Relaxation, Stress Relief, A Bit of Zen, and Peace

Who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare if it means the rest of the day, afternoon, and/or evening is enjoyed with a calm and relaxed attitude with clear and focused thinking.

This 10 minute video with my Native American Flute music is guaranteed to quiet your possibly somewhat over stimulated and chaotic day. It will help your body and mind remember and experience again that quiet still point where your inspiration, vitality, and clarity thrive within you.

Blessings on your journey.


Purchase the 56 minute CD “Flute Flying”





Affect Everyone On The Entire Planet

What you do this week will have an affect on everyone on the entire planet.

You’ve laid the foundation. Now give it a rest!

Here are the energies for the week of April 26th thru May 2.

Begin The Week With Absolute, Pure, Unconditional Love

Here is the latest video I shot with Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni. It’s always good to have a sneak preview of the energies for the coming week.

Know That You’re Thinking and Seeing Clearly and Trust Your Perceptions.

Also included is A Special Introduction Addressing The Pattern of Learning By Repetition That We Have Been In For Awhile.

Another fun and positive weekly reading by Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni using the deck she created – Radiant Wisdom Tarot – the now generation of tarot wisdom.

At the end of the video is the cover of Laughing Womyn’s newly published children’s books, Mattie’s Magical Summer and TJ Remembers The Mountain.

I hope you have a fantastic week! Blessings and Joy and Abundance! Suzanne

Where Do YOU Turn For Answers?

There are so many choices to be made each and every day. Sometimes it’s extremely helpful to get a second opinion.

Where do you turn for answers?

I have just launched the opportunity for me to provide answers and choices and options to anyone who has access to e-mail.

I am opening up the possibilities for everyone to be able to look at options AND fit it into whatever they may already have on their plate for the day.

I’m thinking that a few minutes opportunity to check e-mail between meetings, games, kids, breakfast, lunch, or dinner will net some valuable insights.

It’s a place for answers. Answers to questions about life choices, opportunities, work, family, relationships, and whatever else might be creating a spinning in circles or, horrors of horrors,  that dreaded hesitation to move forward.

Here is the link:


Continue reading Where Do YOU Turn For Answers?

How To Use The Weeks Energy To Your Benefit!

Here are a couple of interesting videos I recently shot, edited, and published. They certainly show some ways to maximize your personal resources.

Here is the answer to the question of How Can I Help A Friend Who Is Having Some Challenges.

How The Position of Cards Makes A Difference

Now this is the energies for the Week of June 29 to July 5th – It’s a hot one!

Week Of June 29nd to July 5th

Hope you enjoy the interesting twists and turns of your week and get some insights into your options as well.

Mattie’s Magical Summer – A Book For Kids of All Ages

A story for all who play in the world of magic, mystery and imagination!

Written by Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni and Illustrated by Kara Barnard

Then and now and here and there live closer to each other for the Donidan family than they do for some folks.
One summer morning then and now and here and there come very close together and Mattie walks into a whole new world of adventures with a very old Grandpa.

At the end of this YouTube video of the Tarot Reading for the Week of February 2 thru February 8, you will see the cover and places to purchase this amazing book.

Tarot Reading For April 6 to April 12 with Mattie’s Magical Summer at the end.

Here’s where you can also find more information and also purchase your own copy of Mattie’s Magical Summer.

Hypothesis: The world has changed and people…. not so much!

I was having a discussion with my dear friend, Connie, about the current weather-based hysteria. She informed me that our discussion left a hypothesis on her doorstep during the night.

A Feature Trophy B Mears Simple

Here it is, with her permission, of course.

“hypothesis: the world has changed but people…. not so much.”

“Whether we’re transmitting info hut to hut with a torch, or trending-tweeting-chirping-pharting-whatever…we’re still a wildly tribal people. We want to know. More than that–we want to know what everyone else thinks about what there is to know.. We want to tell everyone else what our twist is on what they think, and stuff spirals out of factual orbit.”

“I say that if modern humans were plucked up & set down in turn-key medieval times [after a very short time of cultural decompression],  they would build the same Catholic church, fight the same wars, make the same choices, on the same stage.”

“Stairs in a Frank Lloyd Wright/Stairs in a pyramid: their nature through history hasn’t fundamentally evolved.” by CL Gilpin

Link to all kinds of historic items she has for sale on ebay!

I think she got it right on. What do you think?

I Don’t Like Having My Picture Taken

Does this statement describe you or anyone in your circle of friends and family? Do you like everyone else in photos except yourself? Portraits of yourself are not for you, they are for others in your life to enjoy and remember moments of connection with you.

Here’s part of a story that was in the news today:

Jennifer Colandrea of Beacon, N.Y., complained to the Federal Communication Commission after she lost more than a half dozen voice mails from her dead mother while inquiring about a change to her Verizon plan. Those included a message congratulating her daughter on giving birth to a baby girl and some funny messages she had saved for more than four years for sentimental reasons.

“She did not like being videotaped. She did not like being photographed,” Colandrea said of her mother. “I have very little to hold onto.


My own mother passed in 1983. She took me to studios to have my portraits made starting when I was 2 years old. Do you think I have any photos of her during those times? She was a beautiful woman and yet did not want her picture to be taken and so I only have a few snap shots of her and one professional portrait when she was 12.

Portraits of you are how you are seen by others. Please let go of any judgements of how you may appear to yourself.