Answers to all Your Questions About Life, Love, and Business

In my quest for answers about life, love, and business, I have discovered that creating videos for Radiant Wisdom Tarot has turned into a “Mission Accomplished”.

There a new Radiant Wisdom Tarot reading each week. If you choose to subscribe to my youtube channel, you will receive one notice as soon as a new one is uploaded and ready for viewing.

Here’s the link to my videos.

Suzanne Kammerer and Nashville Image Videos

Have a wonderful and gorgeous Summer.

Free Top Quality Games, What’s Not to Like!

Here’s a place I have used for many years to get free top quality games. That means I get to play these full-games as long as I have the computer I first installed them on.

I am sharing this link because this is a fun and free way to play a variety of games from some of the top game makers i.e. Alawar.